Oh, the Beard of Carey!!!

Carey is this really cool guy that I talk to about 8:35 every morning. Part of my 5th Ave Peeps. What is really funny now is during Covid he always had a scarf on, and a face mask. One morning, I spotted him coming up the street, could tell by the way he walks, that it was him, but I was taken back by this long, billowy beard lofting over his shoulder. Well, both shoulders because it seemed to part in the middle of it, like a marijuana split hairdo. He had a face mask on, but for a second I thought he’d gone out and bought a fake ass face mask that came along with a fake beard. I was figuring out what I was going to say to him, and to be honest, I was a bit disappointed. Didn’t seem to be that kind of guy. He came right up to me, and when I couldn’t delay our daily greeting anymore, I turned and (thankfully) suddenly noticed that he did not have on a face mask with a long flowing beard. It was his real beard! With a normal face mask! I even think I said something like, “wow, I don’t remember you having a beard. Boy, sure grows fast!”

It took me a good month to get over that. We had a good laugh about that. I think I’ve told everybody that story and I get delighted when he actually shows upwhile in the midst of my telling the tale of Carey’s Beard.

Things like that, to me, are the little things that kick the day along.

One interesting fact on Carey…: he’s covered in tattoos, drives a beige Subaru, and the only motorcycle he’s ever owned was a crotch rocket. For some reason I can’t imagine him on a green and white Suzuki going 95…. with his splinted beard wising in the wind under his helmet. I’ve tried.

He’s got an Aussie as well. But he’s content on sitting on the sofa all day. I swear, my Charley is a cyborg.

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