Abe’s Odd World, Pot Shops

I don’t know quite how to think of this re-occurring theme that has been going on lately with me.

I had not too long ago decided to take up smoking pot. I figure that it was a lot better than drinking, or at least that is what I’ve been told. I have never been a big “pot head” but it used to seem as if really cool people were into smoking marijuana. Say, Jerry Garcia, David Grisham, Tom Petty, etc…. My best friend in Northern California….who was way cooler than I could ever dream to be, was a wake and baker. I just remember that I would get super thinky on it, and I would spend the entire time agonizing on what I had said, or how I said it, or think like everybody else had it all together and I was just a total complete mess. It didn’t help when I first moved to California from Colorado and one of the first guys I dated smoked a lot of pot. I had ended up getting stoned with him, and I was giggling while we were riding in a car and I happened to mention that it seemed as if it was taking a really long time getting to the stop light. He turned to me and rolled his eyes, sneered, “I don’t know what you are talking about. It has been a long time since I have been there like that….” Talk about feeling dumb, and totally geeky, and totally like “please let me stop being stoned, I just want to go to sleep and go home and wake up me again……”

Now I just think that was totally rude on his part. But I didn’t touch pot for a very long time after that.

Until about a year ago. I was 22 when that incident happened, and now I am double that, plus a few.

Now they have marijuana stores in WA. I decided to go to one and was harpooned back to when I was 22 again, not knowing what the heck was what, and all the different percentages, and joints that were infused, rolled with flower, or pot bags that just had regular pot in them. Then, there was sativa or indica, edibles, dabs, liquid, cartridges, etc…. I still don’t know half of what they carry. All I remember was asking somebody for some pot way back when and whatever was given is what you got. I never saw it bought in joint form, it was always in big clumps that smelled really good.

My old boss told me of the same experience when he first went to a pot shop and saw what a mass variety of merchandise, and kids that looked like jr high were behind the counter. He also informed me they asked him, politely, “hey, no offense, but how old are you? We offer Senior Discounts at 60.” Well that made his day, just turning 60, so he was down. Plus, they get to cheat because they have to card each and every individual that comes in there.

So, I went to this store called American Mary. First time was kinda weird, and I felt very clumsy. But I had talked to these two different guys that I immediately hit it off because I noticed some pins or a hat or something that was part of a video game character. that they were both wearings. We got to talking about video games, and that went really well, because, yes, I still like to play. Not crazy style, but I do know my way around a PS2 and a Nintendo Game Cube quite well. I had been stuck on Abe’s Odd World (PS1) for the second time through, and couldn’t remember how I finished it the first time.

One of the guys there I was noticing I was getting really giddy around, and I’d feel myself almost blush every time I saw him. He is tall, and wears these big rimmed glasses and has this curly mop underneath some sort of baseball cap. I got really brave one day and told him that I had the biggest crush on him. I couldn’t go back there for a few months because I was embarrassed by my boldness.

I finally got the courage back up and right when I walked in I saw him. He saw me too, and his face lit up and he said, “Long time, no see!” I replied something like, “Oh great. Now I am going to get all nervous…”

We did brief small talk when I noticed he had a totally new-looking, scientific looking facemask that was a weird teal color and had all these little holes in it. I asked him where he got the fancy face mask.

My dad got it for me. It is so my glasses don’t fog up.”

I asked him how old he was.

“I’m 35.”

Needless to say, I went home and smoked some pot and contemplated about that all day.

I haven’t been back or smoked pot since. I’ve still picked up my video game Abe’s Odd World because I am down to saving the last 5 Mudokons.

Maybe I will try pot shops again when I am 60 and get that senior discount. I dunno though. Pretty stoney if you ask me.


      1. Yeah, but Slapping and pissing them off was hilarious as well. I was a demented gamer. I used to always try to torture and kill my Sims as well, to the point where one became a ghost. As for pot…never did any first hand. Definitely breathed in second hand at a lot of concerts.


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